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What is “Intelligent Transportation Systems” (ITS)?

There are many definitions of ITS.  To say that there is one true definition would be a very difficult thing to do.  Pick up a textbook, read an article in a magazine, read Congressional language on the subject of ITS and you’ll find as many different definitions as there are those trying to define it. 

ITS can best be described as a ‘concept’ - a concept that includes the idea of utilizing technology and applying it in the field of transportation.  That can include communications, sensors, information processing, controls, and other technology-based strategies to facilitate the movement of people, goods, and information to save time, lives and money.  We know – that sounds like a mouthful and that’s because it is.  ITS strategies are used for toll roads, the movement of freight (trucking, railroads, marine, and air), public transportation, intermodalism, 'smarter' vehicles on the roadway, weather and traffic information, emergency medical services, electronic payment systems, internet applications, cellular phone systems, and just about anything else you can imagine that can involve transportation.  ITS America has a webpage that can help describe ITS for you.  Feel free to see for yourself at  http://www.itsa.org/whatits.html  

ITS Guiding Principles

Because ITS is so very broad, E-Squared Engineering and many other leaders in the field have worked hard to develop ITS Guiding Principles to help guide the Federal, Regional, State and Local government,  system integrators, vendors, and other deployers of ITS as well as the general public.   Feel free to look at this collection of  ITS Guiding Principles and if you have any questions, send us an email.  If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll tell you who can.

*Operations Center photo courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Transportation Federal Highway Administration


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