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As E-Squared Engineering staff, we are very proud of our commitment to customer service and our years of ITS leadership expertise in the areas of program management, planning, deployment, evaluation and outreach. That commitment is what built our company and it is what will sustain our company. In addition, our active ITS leadership role at the national, regional, state, and local levels is what helps make our staff successful in the education and training arena. E-Squared Engineering staff have developed an extensive network of resources that ranges from parking meter technology to satellite communications to passenger train crash testing and a lot in between.


Our staff’s ITS and customer service expertise is complemented by select individuals that are collectively called E-Squared Engineering Associates. All of the Associates own and operate their own businesses and service their respective clients.  Under the E-Squared leadership ‘umbrella’, this synergism of talent that is created by combining the staff and the Associates (as needed), gives E-Squared Engineering clients outstanding  consulting support that is unequaled at any price. At E-Squared Engineering, we believe in utilizing the best talents available to ensure our customers’ success. After all, we can’t be successful unless we help our clients become successful – first.

Synergism - "cooperative action of discrete agencies such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the effects taken independently" .... Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary

E-Squared Engineering Staff

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Richard B. Easley - President

Sharon Easley - Project Manager

Renee Morrison - Sr. Specialist

E-Squared Engineering Associates

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E-Squared Engineering Associate

William H. Brown

Mr. Brown brings over thirty years of first-hand trucking industry experience to the E-Squared Engineering team.  Bill's experience ranges from running his own owner/operator/broker trucking operation to second stage manufacturing.  As a long time board member of the Independent Truck Drivers Association (ITDA), his industry representation has proven valuable in many areas.  Those areas include advisory roles for the Federal Highway Administration’s Negotiated Rulemaking initiative as well as the FHWA Commercial Drivers License/Medical Card merger.  Mr. Brown also served in a similar advisory role for the Maryland Dept. of Transportation’s Dump Truck Task Force and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Commercial Drivers License Maintenance Subcommittee.

Bill is ASE certified and is heavily involved with performance based testing and diesel smoke test programs.  He brings to the team a ‘hands on’ approach that includes his prior experience in the construction industry where he specialized in bridge and tunnel construction.

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E-Squared Engineering Associate

Norman Lindgren

Mr. Lindgren brings over 35 years of public and private sector transportation expertise with 30 of those years in the trucking industry.  He has held leadership positions with three major interstate truck lines and has worked in terminal management, regional management and marketing postions.  Mr. Lindgren also had a successful career with the Utah Department of Transportation.  Before retiring from public service, Mr. Lindgren served as Utah's Director of the Motor Carrier Division.  While working at the Utah Department of Transportation, Norman had the responsibility of putting together a team to design a port of entry to use ITS technology.  Under Mr. Lindgren's leadership, a state of the art facility was constructed in St. George, Utah and is a joint port with Arizona. The facility has served as a model for other states and foreign countries to use to build their own systems. The Utah facility was one of the pioneers in the industry which allowed trucks to use ITS technology to by-pass with out stopping.  UTAH successfully utilized transponders issued from the original HELP/Crescent program.  Norman continues to remain active on national committees such as the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), ITS America, SC&RA (Specialized Carrier and Rigging Assoc.) WASHTO and ASSHTO Transport Committees.  Mr. Lindgren was active in the development of the ITS/Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) program and served on the HELP Board of Directors and is also involved with the MAPS/NORPASS Program.  In addition, Mr. Lindgren also worked closely with RSPA on nuclear waste transportation issues. 

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E-Squared Engineering Associate

Lawrence L. Schulman

Mr. Schulman brings over 35 years of public and private sector transportation expertise to the E-Squared Engineering team.  Prior experience includes 30 years with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the last 8 years in which he served as the Federal Transit Administration’s Associate Administrator for Research, Demonstration and Innovation.  Among his many career achievements, he was responsible for the creation of FTA’S ITS program.  He provides strategic consultant services to the transportation industry with an emphasis on Intelligent Transportation Systems and public transportation services.  He is recognized as an expert in transportation policy analysis, transportation planning, technology innovation, legislative development, systems integration and program management. Among his many activities, he is currently preparing the National ITS Deployment Strategy, a ten-year action plan for ITS implementation, for ITS America.  He previously served as Vice President for Business Development for Orbital Sciences Corporation, the nation’s largest supplier of ITS transit software and equipment. 

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