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An important area where E-Squared Engineering provides value to its clients is in the ability to bridge the gap between a working knowledge of Intelligent Transportation Systems and a comprehensive understanding of the needs and motivations of the Intermodal Freight community.

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Services we provide in the intermodal freight arena include:

Technology Assessment

   System Evaluation
Feasibility Studies   Operational Analysis

E-Squared Engineering staff have experience in the intermodal freight arena that includes:


conducting 'time-motion' analysis


system evaluation


customer service benchmarking


statistical data analysis


technology feasibility studies

At E-Squared Engineering we understand the importance of the following steps to improve our clients' operational processes: 

  1. Identifying locations of (and reasons for) choke points and bottlenecks 

  2. Developing benchmark performance values

  3. Applying statistical analysis tools

  4. Maintaining a holistic perspective in our approach 


We understand that "Teamwork" isn't just a buzz-word in the intermodal freight arena.  It's critical to work closely with labor unions to ensure that identified improvements provide substantial benefits for external customers, management, and labor. At E-Squared Engineering, we understand that in order to realize sustainable increases in operational efficiency, all three of these stakeholders must benefit.  To that end, we have developed a comprehensive Intermodal Freight and Intelligent Transportation Systems Technology short course.  This course titled "Intermodal Freight and ITS" is designed to increase the knowledge base of the private sector shipping community as well as public sector agencies concerning funding mechanisms, partnerships, technology case studies, and illustrates various opportunities for leveraging existing public and private resources.

To learn more about how E-Squared Engineering can help you achieve your goals - give us a call or type us a note.  We look forward to the opportunity.  After all, we can't be successful unless we help our clients become successful - first.  (see the home page for contact information)


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