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E-Squared Engineering is proud to offer our two day short course titled "Intermodal Freight and Intelligent Transportation Systems" to members of public agencies and private sector professionals alike.  Previous students of this course include representation from State DOT's, private sector transportation professions from the US and Asia, and the  Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) communities.

Nominated for 2 ITS America Awards!!!

Education & Training


The course is based on experience gained from conducting intermodal freight technology research at marine intermodal terminals as well as Class 1, Regional, and Short Line Railroad intermodal terminals across the country.  Marine ports studied  in preparation for this course include:

Port of Halifax Port of New York/New Jersey
Port of Philadelphia  Port of Baltimore
Port of Norfolk                   Port of Savannah
Port of Jacksonville Port of New Orleans
Port of Houston            Port of Los Angeles
Port of Long Beach          Port of Oakland
Port of San Francisco      Port of Seattle
Port of Tacoma
Port of Anchorage
Port of Melbourne (Australia) Port of Sydney (Australia)

Comments from students that have taken the course include:

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In addition to intermodal freight technology research, this course provides a thorough understanding of the Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies, including those found in Commercial Vehicle Operations, Advanced Traffic Management Systems, Advanced Traveler Information Systems, Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems and clearly illustrates the link between these systems and the intermodal freight community.  This course discusses the challenges faced by the intermodal freight community, provides detailed descriptions of the successful collaborations (public/private partnerships) that have developed, and also discusses funding mechanisms that are available to increase operational efficiencies, increase safety, and improve environmental conditions.


The objectives of the course include:

Increase the understanding of ITS technology and intermodal freight among various stakeholders and open up dialog that will lead to improved freight transportation operations for both the public and private sectors.

Illustrate the basic motivations of the public and private sectors in the intermodal freight planning and operating communities.

Uncover the general principles of public private partnerships, and the basis for cost and benefit decisions concerning technology deployment. 

Students will explore the potential for leveraging existing technology deployments (both public and private) to achieve greater transportation efficiencies.

This course is presented in a way that can be understood by audiences unfamiliar with "ITS" and/or who possess a limited knowledge of freight movement. The value-added resource materials will mimic the presentation and discussion material and are designed to be used as a reference tool long after the class has ended.  See the Award Nomination for more details on course content. 

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