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Various Electronic Payment System Applications

Transponders come in various sizes and shapes.  Below we have a transponder on a key chain (the Mobil Key Fob), a transponder placed in the rear window close to the fuel tank cap (the Mobil window mount), and also the transponder mounted on the windshield for toll road applications (and now McDonald's restaurants!)  Further down we have the Smart Card reader that can be used for electronic purchases with the personal computer.  It won't be long before that smart card reader is housed inside a 'smart' transponder (see Mark IV transponder announcement).



The Mobil SpeedPass system allows users to pay electronically in two separate ways.  One way is with the Key Fob above.  This requires the user to hold the fob close to the fuel pump reader (as shown) to activate the pump.  The second way is with a small rear window mounted transponder (see the small transponder in the bottom left corner of the rear window above).  As the car pulls up to the pump, a transponder reader located at the top of the pump reads the window mounted transponder and automatically activates the pump.  These systems require the establishment of credit card accounts prior to being issued a Mobil transponder.


The above windshield mounted transponder is the most common method for the payment of toll fees.  These automated systems can virtually eliminate the need for booth personnel or the handling of cash.


American Express has launched a new smart card called 'Blue'.  This credit card with the integrated circuitry (chip), sometimes called a 'contact' card, can be used to store confidential account information.  Today, American Express also provides card users with a free smart card reader to be used for verification purposes when making purchases with the personal computer.  Eventually, at E-Squared Engineering, we believe that automobiles will have these smart card readers installed as 'original equipment'.  These readers, coupled with transponders and other in-vehicle devices, will change the face of transportation impacting such activities as toll payments, fuel and food purchases, gated access systems, parking (both on-street and off-street), traveler information, vehicle maintenance information, and the list goes on and on and on....

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