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Passenger Train 

"Crash Test" 

The following pictures were taken by E-Squared Engineering on November 16, 1999 at the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. at their research facility in Pueblo, Colorado.  This test is the first such controlled experiment on the effects caused by a collision at a speed of 30 mph.  Previous tests have not been conducted at this high rate of speed.


The site was prepared, the recording instruments in place and the passenger car was pushed by a locomotive and released at a speed that would allow for the impending impact to occur at precisely 30 miles per hour.


The sound of the collision was surprisingly loud at the moment of impact.  As seen in the picture above, windows from the test vehicle were thrown as far away as 40 feet.  There were several fully instrumented crash test dummies configured in the vehicle to record the impacts and secondary collisions that would be experienced by passengers.


The impacts to the vehicle and the crash test dummies were carefully recorded.  In attendance were the local and national press, dignitaries from various organizations/agencies (including the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Transportation Safety Board), and E-Squared Engineering.

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