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The US DOT National ITS Program devotes a great deal of resources toward the nation’s commercial vehicle operations (CVO) industry activities. Those resources have primarily focused on interstate operations and concentrate in three basic areas. Those areas are electronic screening, electronic credentialing, and roadside safety systems. While these areas are important to our nation’s economy and roadway safety, an area equally as important is parking for loading/unloading of commercial vehicles in urban areas. With congestion levels increasing nationwide, urban area delivery parking is especially difficult. With the rising number of direct purchases made over the Internet, urban goods delivery continues to increase at a rapid rate. E-Squared Engineering is conducting research on various parking policies employed by a cross section of municipalities and is exploring why some policies are more delivery ‘friendly’ than others. Our effort is also examining some of the latest ITS technology research and deployments underway to help alleviate this growing problem.


This E-Squared Engineering research is examining the trends that are emerging with respect to ‘dot.com’ company purchasing policies. Many companies that traditionally provide excellent showroom sales and service are developing highly successful web-based strategies. As more and more consumers shop for items on the web, goods delivery practices are changing. Electronic purchases are increasing in office supplies, computer equipment, fast food, furniture (desks, appliances, etc.). Food stores are even developing web-sites so their customers can now purchase their groceries and have them delivered to what ever address they desire. This progress is not without cost to congestion levels in urban areas. With a history of scarce parking for loading and unloading goods, delivery operations as well as municipalities are faced with increased congestion and the creation of ‘dynamic bottlenecks’ for urban traffic flow due to double parked vehicles and blocked lanes.

For more information on potential ITS technology alternatives for urban goods delivery and curbside management or how E-Squared Engineering can help you better understand and address this growing issue - give us a call or type us a note.  We look forward to the opportunity.  After all, we can't be successful unless we help our clients become successful - first.  (see the home page for contact information)


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