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While conducting BRT research, E-Squared Engineering visited the site of one of the world's most technologically advanced systems in the world.  The location was Rouen, France.  Rouen is a one hour train ride north of Paris.  What makes this transit system unique is the optic guidance system in use on several of their bus routes.

The TEOR Metrobus system uses traditional BRT strategies like:

  1. Reversible lanes - during certain times, the 'one way' lanes switch direction to facilitate heavier traffic flow.
  2. Reserved bus lanes - buses traverse their routes on 'red' lanes reserved for buses that run down the middle of the street and they have also built dedicated bus lanes that are adjacent to those used by automobile traffic.  These reserved bus lanes can be crossed at certain points by other traffic.
  3. Protected lanes - buses travel freely along these lanes without worry of cross traffic so they proceed on schedule and unimpeded.
  4. Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) - where reserved bus lanes are intersected by crossing traffic, the bus uses TSP to change the light allowing the bus to proceed through that intersection point.

The TEOR Metrobus also uses non traditional ITS technology - the optic guidance system.  TEOR describes their system this way:

bulletThe optic guidance system comprises a camera placed behind the windshield, which reads a series of coded marks on the road surface indicating the required trajectory.
bulletA computer analyzes the position of the vehicle in relation to the road and transmits to the steering column the required corrective data.
bulletThe system enables foolproof docking in the station with ground-level access for passengers

As of Spring 2004, the optic guidance system hadn't been in operation very long but the drivers like the system and the passengers just relax and enjoy the advantages.  Several delegations from transit properties from around the world continue to visit Rouen to see the results.

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