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 Renee Morrison


Renee Morrison, Sr. Specialist


General Qualifications

Excellent communication skills both oral and written. Good planner and organizer. Skilled in using computers and transcriber equipment. Experienced in doing quality work on a fast-response basis, and maintaining client confidentiality.


1999 - Present      E-Squared Engineering      Ashburn, VA

Senior Staff Specialist

Perform transcription services (client conferences, tele-seminars, etc.), conduct surveys, provide research reports and various other staff support tasks as assigned by E-Squared Engineering Staff Support Services clients.

1991 - Present     MedQuist (formerly ddi)      Herndon, VA

Medical Transcriptionist

Perform medical transcription as a home-based medical transcriptionist. Transcribe all types of reports for the hospitals including but not limited to: History and Physicals, Consultations, Operative Reports, Discharge Summaries, Cardiac Catheterizations, Emergency Department and Rehabilitation reports. Work from an office in home with a digital phone and internet connections to send in the work performed.

Employed as an Editor for ddi from Fall 1996 until Summer 1998. Proofread reports transcribed by new transcriptionists, and assisted experienced transcriptionists in finding words they were unable to find or hear in the dictation.

Currently a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) as certified by the Medical Transcription Certification Program (MTCP) of the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). Certified since November 1994. Recertification is required every 3 years by attending meetings, symposia, conferences, etc. and earning continuing education credits (both medical and nonmedical). Re-certification was renewed in December 1997 and is current through December 2000.

Prior Employment

File Clerk and Unit Secretary at local hospitals.

Filed transcription into charts located in the patient care area and in the medical record department. Performed secretarial duties necessary for general management of the hospital nursesí station in multiple wards of the hospital. Courteous and effective communication with hospital personnel, physicians, patients, and visitors via answering telephones, intercom calls, and discussions.

Senior Loan Analyst

Supervised four other loan analysts, input loans into the computer system from the loan application and package. Prepared loan package for review by the underwriter and once the loan was approved, coordinated all additional requirements from the underwriter between the realtor, borrower, closing department, and the settlement attorney. 

Association Experience

Secretary of Independent Medical Transcriptionists of Metropolitan Washington from 1992 through 1994

Vice President of Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Association for Medical Transcription (NOVA-AAMT) from 1994-1995

Treasurer of NOVA-AAMT from 1995-1996

Membership Chair of NOVA-AAMT 1999 and 2000

Symposium co-chair in 1994 and chair in 1995

State meeting committee member 1996

Working on the symposia and state meeting arranged speakers and obtained required information to enable the participants to receive continuing education credits. Solicited door prize/goodie bag donations from various vendors/hospitals/transcription services. Arranged catering for breakfast, breaks, and lunch.

Publications & Presented Research

September 11th Attacks - Impacts on the Parking Industry.  The Parking Professional, Article in June 2002 edition.  International Parking Institute, 2002 (Authors: Renee Morrison, Sharon Easley, Richard Easley) 

"Virtual Weigh Stations:  The Florida Survey", ITS Virginia 10th Annual Conference and Exhibition, Norfolk, VA, June 2004.  (Authors: Renee Morrison, Sharon Easley and Richard Easley)

Florida ITS Institutional Issues/Challenges White Paper, Florida DOT ITS Central Office (website), 2004.  (Authors: Richard Easley, Sharon Easley, Renee Morrison)


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