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Additional Comments from former "Intermodal Freight and ITS Workshop/Short Course" students -

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What did you like most about this workshop?

·           It is timely-more and more people seem to be receptive to ITS.  Having so many industry reps here & doing a workshop with them-cooperative exercise.  Real world.  Excellent, rich presentation, Rich!

·           Field trip to various freight providers.  Very productive to “see” the applications.  Also liked various guest speakers.

·           Practical topic

·           Organization-Information presented in a refreshing way.  The most in depth presentation on technology applications.  (Lot’s of good information.) will be useful as my knowledge of ITS continues to grow.

·           The knowledge I gained about ITS and political process.

·           The casual “meeting” like atmosphere & the attendees were all great & had excellent feedback.

·           New info-ITS/CVO

·           Great background information and very knowledgeable group.

·           Lots of good information on items of transportation.  Important to my organization.

·           Learning what ITS is.

Other comments:

·           Well done.

·           Look forward to more workshops on the subject.

·           Thanks for the opportunity to participate.  I really enjoyed the experience.

·           Richard was very organized & easy to follow & understand course content.  He also made it very comfortable for class participant.


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