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Advanced Public Transportation Systems

E-Squared Engineering provides ITS transit expertise that includes feasibility studies, strategic planning, program management and policy development/support.  We are strong in the areas of evaluation and focus group development and we excel when it comes to the research needs of our clients.  See Train Crash Test  and The Seeing Bus.  Our extensive network of contacts in the transit industry allow us to use 'lessons learned' from various segments of the industry in the United States and abroad.  We help our clients by applying that valuable 'up-to-the-minute' knowledge to local and regional transportation challenges.  


How Does E-Squared Engineering Help?

We help our clients answer questions that include:

What technology makes sense for my unique operation?

Are other transit systems happy with their electronic payment programs?  

What about their Advanced Vehicle Location systems?  (and how are they using them?)

What types of communication systems are they using?  

What's the Benefit/Cost ratio for a specific technology with MY transit system and ridership?

How can I increase the intermodal aspects of my system?

How do I find new ways to get transit schedule times to my existing (and potential) ridership?

Have the unions been a factor in technology deployments?  (If so, how?  If not, how was it avoided?)

What are my transit system's options for paying for new technology that will increase ridership, improve air quality, and reduce my expenses at the same time?

How do I know if my new system will match up with the ITS National Architecture?

These are just a few of the questions we can answer for our clients. 

To learn more about how E-Squared Engineering can help you achieve your organizational goals - give us a call or type us a note.  We look forward to the opportunity.  After all, we can't be successful unless we help our clients become successful - first.  (see the home page for contact information)


...helping you experience tomorrow's technology - today...

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